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Friday 8 & Saturday 9 June – Circolo Ufficiali, Ground Floor – TARANTO

3:00-6:00 pm

Description of Medimex Lesson

The class of Marc Urselli will give participants a chance to interact and ask the sound engineer/producer questions in an interactive, dynamic and personalized teaching atmosphere. The aim is to divulge the most useful and important information possible, skipping over anything superfluous or not applicable. The classwork will be dynamically tailored and customized to the level of the class itself so as not to neglect anyone.

The class will be divided into two parts, one dedicated to recording and the other to mixing:
RECORDING: in this class Marc Urselli will talk about various recording techniques, the choice of microphones and miking techniques, the choice of environments, the choice of preamps, tricks of the trade and all related organizational, logistical and psychological aspects that are part of any recording of an individual artist, a group, a larger ensemble or an orchestra.

MIXING: in this class Marc Urselli will discuss a series of analogical, digital and hybrid mixing techniques, both in the studio and, if the class so wishes, for live recordings. The discussion will focus on types of mixers, outboard processors, plugins and speakers, but above all on how these tools are used to obtain a professional mix.

The class will be held in Italian. The class is aimed at those who have obtained the certification and have at least 5 years of experience as a sound technician.


About Marc Urselli

Five-time nominated Three-time Grammy Award winning engineer producer mixer remixer sound designer Marc Urselli writes, produces and records artists from all over the world. He also composes music for TV and film and does sound design for commercials and mixing for film and TV. On average he records and/or mixes about 50-100 albums every year and in 2008 alone he recorded and mixed more than half a dozen movie soundtracks. He also holds the undisputed record of recording the most albums by one single artist (75 and counting).

Marc Urselli was born in Switzerland and raised in Italy. His musical education began at age 12. At age 17 he opened his first commercial recording facility in Italy. At age 19 he moved to New York City where he began, and continues to work at the legendary recording studio EastSide Sound as the resident Chief House Engineer.

Between 2005 and 2006 Marc Urselli won three Grammy Awards for his engineering and mixing work. He was also nominated in 2004 and 2011.


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