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Friday 8 & Saturday 9 June – Circolo Ufficiali, Ground Floor – TARANTO

3:00-6:00 pm

Description of Medimex Lesson

The past, present and future of record production. Starting from the history of musical production and looking at the future of making records, the focus will be on best practices, technology, creativity and standards. Case histories both national (Afterhours, Ghemon, Dargen D’Amico) and international (Muse, Razorlight) will be discussed.

The class is aimed at professionals who already work in the field of production.


About Tommaso Colliva

From the Cinque Terre to winning a Grammy Award, travelling between Milan, Los Angeles and London with a single idea: making records. Tommaso Colliva started with hip-hop, scratching and sampling. He then discovered music that is played for real, fell in love with it and began to get serious about trying out all kinds of music and projects: from Massimo Ranieri’s records with Mauro Pagani, to rap with Ghemon, from the rock of Muse and Afterhours to the soundtrack of Calibro 35.


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