Bari Suona26.05.2017

Bari Suona, edited by Lab4Project in collaboration with Confcommercio of Bari

For the second edition of Bari Suona, the Muratti district will be divided into four areas (Rock & Blues, Folk, Swing and DJ Sets) and will bring to the stage the many musical realities operating in the informal circuit of live clubs and correlate them with commercial business. These activities traditionally represent a cornerstone of the economic fabric of the city of Bari. It is also an opportunity to promote and announce this year’s special edition of Medimex. Throughout the afternoon and into the evening, the bands will take turns performing to avoid sound overlaps and to let the audience enjoy all the shows in their favourite area.

Scheduled for Rock & Blues are: Los Drigos, B Rocker’s, Bread & Pussy, Sandro Corsi Trio, Mafia Trunk, Bari Blues Connection. For Folk: Folà, Son de Vuelta, Irish Three, Ivan Dell’Edera. For Swing: Pepper on Jive, Dixie & Soda, Rekkiabilly, Swing 39 (Dixie & Soda), Trio sudestino. For DJ Sets: Tuppi, Violet, Miss Pia, Giova, Carlo Chicco, Big Fab. The four stations will also host a few street bands.