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Ex Palazzo Poste – hall 2 – PANEL

with G. Milzi (Siae), S. Lionetti (TicketOne), A. Fabbro (Hub Music Factory), M. Salvadori (Assomusica). Speakers include C. Trotta (Barley Arts). Moderator D. Poliani (Rockol)

9 giugno / 17:00 – 18:30

With the ever-growing live entertainment market, the live music industry is undergoing a period of major changes: the current dynamics of ticket distribution, on the one hand, are opening up new opportunities for industry operators, while on the other, they are posing new questions for the public and for industry operators. How can we reconcile the speed of the Web with the fight against speculation? Which business models will lead to the gradual aggregation of roles in the ticketing chain? And what will the implications for fans and the industry be, given that the background scenario is increasingly international, and thus increasingly less sensitive to local concerns? The protagonists of live entertainment will exchange ideas and seek to imagine the future of concerts in Italy.

Davide Poliani, Rockol