Music Economy: Key Factors and Trends for the Next Biennial in the Music IndustryFavoriteLoadingAggiungi

Ex Palazzo Poste – hall 1 – PANEL

with L. Bernini (Gibilterra), G. Mosca (TIM Music), C. Ferrante (Artist First), M. Alboni (Warner Music), E. Colasanti (42 Records), A. Massara (Universal Music), M.L. Bixio (Studio Previti), D. Giovannini (Carosello Records). Moderator G. Di Carlo (Rockol)

9 giugno / 15:00 – 16:30

We live in a decade in which music has reached unprecedented levels of popularity and diffusion. And, more recently, the industry around music production – according to industry statistics – is believed to have finally reversed its course, abandoning the negative economic trend of the past few years, when operators were working to fully understand new business and organizational models. But the transition from pay-per transactions to a “monetization” approach is far from completed. This will be a comparative discussion of what primary actors throughout the supply chain think about the hottest topics for the industry and artists: from the maturity of music platforms to the “value gap”, from short videos to the power of playlists, from fragmented distribution to the return of vinyl, from Big Data to branded content.