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Ex Palazzo Poste – hall 2 – PANEL

with P. Andreotti (Microsoft), P. Landi (Mondadori), the blogger M. Boroni, L. De Gennaro (MTV), D. Bellalba (Italian Federation of Communicators and Multimedia Operators) and the artist M. Bravi. Moderator G. Di Carlo (Rockol)

9 giugno / 12:00 – 13:30

Journalists and music publishers adapt their professional skills and the organization of their work by learning how to foster common tools and complementary platforms: from social media to SEO, from bots to programmatic advertising, from artificial intelligence to automated news. But artists, the daily subject of their interest, are among the major sources of disintermediation: their real-time dialogue with fans brings about profound changes in language codes and alters narrative rhythms. The encounter is significant between the music industry, which is the main driver of drastic changes in music consumption and business models, and the media, which has undergone profound change in recent years and is seeking a new balance.

Michele Bravi, photo Studio Cirasa